Little Women
Treasure lsland
Gulliver’s Travels
The Prince & The Pauper
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
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Welcome to the Manga Literary Classics series by . These are some of the best-loved stories ever told, written by some of the world¡¯s most talented authors. You may have seen these same titles on a bookshelf at a library or heard of them from your parents or teachers. But brings these stories to you in a very different way. Manga Literary Classics are fully illustrated and easy to read, done in the same manga style as some of your favorite comics, movies, and cartoons. The Manga Literary Classics are a great way to approach classic stories such as Gulliver¡¯s Travels, Little Women, and Treasure Island.

At the end of each book, you can discover interesting facts about the author, learn about the historical events and people that influenced the story, and see a timeline of major world events during the author¡¯s life.

If you enjoy this story, visit our website to view other books in the Manga Literary Classics series. You can also visit the website to let us know what you liked or didn¡¯t like about the book, or to leave suggestions for other stories you would like to see.

welcomes you to Educational Manga Comics. We certainly hope that your child or student will enjoy reading our books. The Educational Manga Comics present material in ¡°manga¡± form, a comic story style developed in Japan that is enjoying enormous popularity with young people today. These books deliver substantial educational content in a fun and easy-to-follow visual format.
At the end of each book, you will find bonus features??including a historical timeline, a summary of the individual¡¯s enduring cultural significance, and a list of suggested Web and print resources for related information??to enhance your reader¡¯s learning experience. Our website, offers supplemental activities, resources, and study material to help you incorporate books into your child¡¯s reading at home or into a classroom curriculum.
Our entire selection of Educational Manga Comics, covering math, science, history, biographies, and literature, is available on our website. The website also has a feedback option, and we welcome your input.